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Egypt, like many Middle Eastern and North African countries, has lived under decades of iron-fisted rule by an autocratic government. Explore what life was like for young people growing up in that environment.

“Once I tried to teach a class about the revolutions and the uprising, I had 300 students signed up for the course. The week before it started the school had to pull the class. The government controls everything, down to the books we use in school.” -Pandeli Glavandis

This section of the site lays out the traditions, history and religion of the Middle Eastern and Northern African countries; explaining the lack of separation between religion and state, what the culture is like while growing up, and how citizens will fair living in under an autocratic regime.

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  1. Azdine August 18, 2012 at 1:19 pm #

    I don’t think that the Russian and French Revolutions would have succeeded wihtuot violence. In each of these cases, there were not, as Aaron previously stated, the necessary conditions for nonviolent revolution, namely leaders as brilliant as Gandhi nor an opposing force who was as willing as Britain was to simply give in. I do not think that unless pressed by the immediate danger that was felt in these revolutions that either would have succeeded, as violence is wihtuot a doubt the most effective and imposing method of getting your point across. It was necessary for the revolutionaries to act upon their words instead of simply sitting behind them, as they would never have been taken seriously wihtuot the violence they displayed. Now, this is not meant to mean that all revolutions must be as bloody as the French Revolution; in fact, I believe that the French Revolution could have been just as successful, if not more so, if there had been considerably less violence. However, wihtuot at least some violence, revolution is made much more difficult.


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