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Meet Sarah, our pen pal:

Sarah Tonsy is an intelligent, witty, and funny 23 year old currently living in Egypt. During the voting processes in Egypt she was kind enough to document what was actually happening during those months in Egypt. Below are the entries of e-mail conversations back and forth with Sarah answering any questions we had about the process and […]

January 17

No, I personally do not celebrate! But merry Christmas to you and happy 2012. As far as dandy may go, nothing is dandy! The only felt change is that they stopped switching to daylight saving time!!! Sadly enough! Religious traditions are not fought over except by fundamentalists; fanaticism and fundamentalism are in all religions, I […]

December 24

No, I don’t go there when things are that unclear, it was very dangerous, thank you for your concern. Women are not a target, it happens that there are two different incidents with two different women and one of them might have done that on purpose because women wear other layers under their Abaya (the […]

December 23

Sorry, it took me a long time to reply but I was busy with term papers and presentations but all done now! I do not know if you have followed the recent female protest that took place a couple of days ago? The military police dragged a female protester and her clothes came off as […]

December 17

The military is attacking people who demonstrate against their rule because the military is trying to keep the elected government powerless. Imagine in the US that congress had no power, the president had no power, and the judges had no power to tell the joint-chiefs of staff what to do.

December 10

There hasn’t been any reports of violence yet but we still have rounds (of voting) 2 and 3 on Dec 14th and Jan 3rd respectively. As far as the system (governmental) goes we just started debating it. The Muslim Brotherhood would like a very strong parliament and a weak president and liberals are now talking […]

December 1

They counted the ballots yesterday and the results are unsurprisingly towards a majority of the Muslim Brotherhood, winning in some villages like Kafr El Sheikh with an 80% (as I heard). But there is also the Egyptian Cluster (Al Kotla Al Masrya) which is several parties together but it is lead by the Naguib Sawiris […]

November 30

It was better than before but violations of the voters and the agents of the candidates were unprofessional. People were handing out flyers, asking people to vote for a certain person when they are going in the station. Sometimes there was not privacy in the voting itself, no curtain, nothing. Priests in churches told people […]

November 29

This might be out of context of my topic a bit but I thought it would be useful as general information. This explains the election processes and what is going on here and how it is so different, than what you’re imaging as an election general turnout, One comment on this video, the polling stations were […]