Evolution of Social and Economic Status

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he concept of equality has been a goal among all since the beginning of the revolutions.  It can only be attained if change occurs, which has been the underlying basis of every protest, demonstration, and riot. “The basic fundamental recognition on both sides of the ocean is that things are not going the way they should be going.  People believe they should and could be fixed,” Mark Schnellbaecher, Regional Director for CRS Middle East, said.Financially, families are struggling because they do not have access to essential resources.
[typography font=”Josefin Slab” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#ffffff”]The lack of income from the shortage of job opportunities makes everyday essentials very difficult to obtain.[/typography]

According to Pandelli Glavanis, Ph.D., Professor at American University in Cairo,  it is not only the poor who are looking for socioeconomic change.  He explains that all social classes have been striving for the same goal.

“This revolution wasn’t just of the poor.  It was of everybody,” Glavanis said. “Those who made their money during the corrupt period of Mubarik…..you would expect them to be supporters of the old regime.  Therefore, it suggests that it wasn’t only of the poor: it was of everybody, including the rich.”

Major economic problems have handicapped the revolutionary period and until they are changed, progress cannot be made.

“Large population, under-used resources…. enhancing the economy. If that doesn’t happen, there will be continuous turmoil,” Glavanis said.  “And until there is a government that can face up to these challenges and make use of these resources, there is going to be political tension.  And with political tension, it’s always up in the air.”

Infographic illustrates the literacy rate and average age in selected countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

One of the resources to which Glavanis is referring is Middle East oil.  Other countries, including the United States, use that oil and are fully aware that if prices fluctuate, Western societies will be dramatically affected.  According to CNN Money, gas prices have already started to rise and will continue to if oil prices begin to soar.

Because there are so many complex issues surrounding the economy, people are becoming more interested in learning exactly what is going on.

“Egypt has an amazing resource- people.  Students want to be taught about political issues,” Glavanis said.

Glavanis went on to say that there will be political tension in the government unless there is a government “brave enough to stand up and work against all of these things and find a way to resolve them.”

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