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December 24

No, I don’t go there when things are that unclear, it was very dangerous, thank you for your concern. Women are not a target, it happens that there are two different incidents with two different women and one of them might have done that on purpose because women wear other layers under their Abaya (the long sleeved long dress she was wearing) but one of these women was not wearing a thing, which is unusual, also that same woman did not even have any bruises; while the other one is still in a coma I think with several broken bones ahes in her head!

Also, you might get the feeling that women are targeted more because they actually survive to tell their stories, while men just get killed. A day later four engineering male students were killed!

Al Azhar is one of the oldest and most prominent moderate Islamic school, college and university in the world. It has been there for centuries, always giving and providing a moderate teaching of Islam, people come from all over the world to learn about Islam in Al Azhar.

The Sheikh who was killed, Emad Effat, was responsible for an important section or sector in Al Azhar, we just lost an important moderate Islamic educator, he was not in anything political. He was for the people since JAN25 till the day he passed.

Hosni Mubarak is not dead, he is supposedly on trial along with other ex-ministers and his two corrupt sons, but have not heard anything regarding their trials in a while. This includes trials of the people who killed the protesters on both 25th and 28th of Jan. 2011.

 Nothing really changed or took place since last year. No trials, nothing, the only people who were trialed are the protesters, the jails are full of protesters and such

Let me know if there are any other questions

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