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December 23

Sorry, it took me a long time to reply but I was busy with term papers and presentations but all done now!

I do not know if you have followed the recent female protest that took place a couple of days ago?

The military police dragged a female protester and her clothes came off as they dragged her and beat her up, I am sure you will find it on youtube.

Also, an important sheikh from Al Azhar, Emad Effat, was shot dead last Saturday at around dawn in front of the parliament headquarters; his funeral was huge, more than 10,000 people were there.

The situation is puzzling, there are a lot of incidents that are left unexplained by the SCAF and even the politicians on the platform at the moment do not get what is really happening.

I hope that fills you in a bit. If you have any other questions or cannot find the videos please send me an email

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