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Arab Awakening: A View From The Inside

Video: Kelsey Kastrava 

Written By: Elizabeth Krupka

Young people are raising their voices, demanding change – new opportunities, better education, more freedom. In the Middle East and North Africa, these voices became known as the Arab Spring.

To accomplish their goals, young adults have organized marches and protests, causing unrest and civilian clashes.  The Arab Spring has evolved into a regional Arab Awakening as citizens attempt to throw off the shackles of decades of restrictive oppression.

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this site based on interviews conducted with young people and others involved in the Arab Awakening.

The site tells stories of discontent caused by decades of political autocracy, stories of awakening as young people revolt, and hopes for the aftermath of political upheaval.

The viral nature of social and multimedia allowed us to feel the intensity of this revolution, a dramatically different experience than with previous resistance movements.  We were able to interact directly with Egyptian students, journalists and photographers as  events were unfolding.

We especially thank Professor Pandeli Glavanis, Ph.D. of the American University in Cairo who encouraged us to communicate with his graduate political science students as events were happening in Tahrir Square during  2012.

Welcome to our portal of stories that unveil the reality of the Arab Awakening and raises the question that so many young people are asking: What will happen next?

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